Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Jen & Paul's Boston & UK Parties

I forgot to post all the extras I did for Jen & Paul's Boston and UK parties! Since they had their wedding in Sydney Australia, Jen wanted to be able to have a way to show pictures to the guests at the UK party. I suggested we do a large collage of photos. Also for the UK party, I did thank you notes and a few signs - one for the guest book and one for taking a shawl since it was an outdoor party. Jen also had photos of them and both of their parents on their wedding date so I did cards showing names and dates.

For Boston party, we did "Test your knowledge of Jen & Paul" quizzes (asking things like where they met, where he proposed, where they were honeymooning as well as many fun facts about the couple). We did a favor card for the Boston sugar cookies, guest book sign, wedding date placecards, thank you notes and finally - one of my favorites. For the hospitality bags, we did custom "Welcome to Boston" tags incorporating their theme.

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