Friday, February 20, 2009

Postage Increase - May 11, 2009

Just a heads up that the post office has decided to increase the postage yet again on May 11th. It will be 2 cents extra for 1 and 2 oz. rate envelopes.

The majority of invitations take the 2oz rate, which will increase from 59 to 61 cents. RSVP envelopes will go from 42 cents to 44. We don't know when the new wedding stamps will be out.

For those brides mailing around the time of the increase...If your RSVP date is close to May 11th, I would not take any chances. Go for the extra 2 cents (or just use a Forever stamp). If you are sure all of your RSVPs will come back well before May 11th, go ahead and use the current wedding stamps.

Anyone mailing after May 11th must increase their postage. Places like Zazzle that create custom postage cannot increase their rate until the post office does, so if you are doing custom postage, you'll have to wait to order until the new rates are out.

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