Friday, July 25, 2008

Tracy & Pat's Extras

For Tracy & Pat's wedding, we did a ton of extras. I even did a custom unity candle, but we'll have to get the photographer's picture of that because i forgot to shoot it before the wedding!

We used the same quartz metallic paper for everything, adding touches of pink and black throughout. We did 8 page programs, complete with fun information about each person in the wedding party. Table numbers matched the invite theme with the ribbon corners and double sided menus also talked about the donation they made instead of favors. We did placecards and finally a fun quiz for cocktail hour. It was great conversation starter - asking all kinds of questions about Tracy & Pat - where they met, where they are honeymooning and some interesting facts about each of them. I thought it was great when the father of the groom sat down, took out his glasses and a pen to take the quiz! :)

Since I was in this wedding, I had the opportunity to see all my work in use! See actual real table pictures.

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